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4 Types of Equipment That Increase Mobility After a Stroke

Man in a Wheelchair
According to the latest statistics, nearly 800,000 people suffer a stroke in the United States each year. Many people become permanently disabled following a stroke. In fact, stroke is the number one cause of long-term disability in this country.
For those who do suffer a stroke and have physical limitations as a result, certain types of medical equipment can help stroke sufferers regain some of their mobility, as well as some of their independence. Here are four types of medical equipment that can help to increase mobility following a stroke.
1. Wheelchair
If you have suffered a stroke and have decreased mobility as a result, a wheelchair can help you get around as needed. Manual wheelchairs will require having someone to push you around, but access to a wheelchair means you will still be able to get out and about.
A variety of wheelchairs exist on the market, and if you need one to simply get transported from one location to another, you may opt for a transporter wheelchair. This type of wheelchair is lightweight and compact so that it can be stored in the trunk of a vehicle.
Manual wheelchairs are heavy-duty chairs that are sturdier and more durable than transport chairs. They often come with a variety of features including reclining abilities, detachable armrests, and rust-resistant frames.
2. Electric Scooter
To regain as much independence as possible, you may want to look into getting an electric scooter. This machine will enable you to get around on your own without the need for anyone to push you. Electric scooters use a battery, so you will need to remember to recharge it. Electric scooters can be used both indoors and outdoors and offer the following advantages:
  • They can easily maneuver through narrow hallways and tight spaces
  • They can be used on rough terrain and hills
  • They are easy to use
Most electric scooters also come equipped with interchangeable panels so that you can change the look and design of your chair to suit your style.
3. Walker
If you are able to walk after having a stroke but you need assistance, a walker is a great mobility aid. Walkers come in a variety of models and sizes so that they are able to best meet the needs of the user. Most walkers are compact and can be folded for easy transport and storage. Some of them also come with an attached tote bag or cargo basket.
Because you have to choose from so many different styles and models, you should find the right type of walker that will fit your mobility needs. Some of the features you will want to especially pay attention to are:
  • Brakes. Make sure that you can easily operate the brakes in every situation.
  • Frame. Test the weight of the frame to make sure it’s not too heavy to lift.
  • Wheels. Try different types of wheels, such as solid wheels, castors, or pneumatic wheels, to find the right kind for your walker.
Some walkers also have a seat so that you can take a rest when you are walking.
4. Lift Chair
This type of chair is essential as it not only gives you a comfortable place to sit, but the lifting mechanism also helps you to sit down into the chair and get up out of it.
When buying a lift chair, be sure to check the seat width and height to see if the model suits your needs. Try a 2-position and a 3-position chair to see which would be more useful to you.
You can personalize a lift chair to suit your home and lifestyle. You can choose added features like a mounted remote control or cup holder for your chair, and lift chairs also come in a variety of colors and fabrics from which to choose.
Whether you or your loved one are in need of any other type of medical equipment, contact Medic Pharmacy & Surgical to see how we can help.