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Ostomy and Diabetic Supplies

Medical Supplies
Featuring all of the “hard-to-find” medical supplies you need. You, our valued customer, can find all the “hard-to-find” medical supplies and home care equipment at Medic Pharmacy & Surgical.
Our wide selection of medical and home health care products include:
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Lift Chairs
  • Shower Benches
  • Transfer Benches
  • Bed Rails for Regular Beds
  • Diabetic Supplies
  • Ostomy Supplies
  • Rubberized and Flannel Sheeting
  • Paraffin Baths
  • Special Utensils for Handicapped
  • Blood Glucose Monitors
  • Area Delivery Available
  • Portable Oxygen Machines & Supplies
  • CPAP Machines & Supplies
  • Knee Walker/Scooter
  • iWalk
Prescription Compounding Services
Why Compound?
Localized delivery of medication for direct relief without many of the unsavory side effects associated with oral dosage forms, allergic to dyes or other ingredients, difficulty swallowing, improve compliance by combining compatible medications into a single dosage form.
Specializing In:
  • Pain Management
  • Hospice Care
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Skincare
  • Veterinary Medication
Available Dosage Forms:
  • Creams or Ointments
  • Gels
  • Suppositories
  • Flavored Troches (Lozenges)
  • Oral Liquids
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Join Medic Pharmacy for a 4-hour medication training class for non-licensed ALF professionals. Class from 12 Noon–4 p.m. Tuition is only $75, waived for facility employees where Medic Equip is the primary pharmacy.

Call for pricing on the following rentals:
  • Wheelchairs
  • Elevated Leg Wheelchairs
  • Wide Wheelchairs
  • Knee Walkers
  • Lift Chairs
  • IV Poles
  • Walker w/Seat
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What Is QuickMAR?
QuickMAR is the most complete & affordable Electronic Medication Administration Record. QuickMAR manages the entire medication life-cycle: new order entry by the pharmacy, order and delivery of medication, updates, recording medication passes, medication destruction and returns, completing scheduled cycle fills, managing inventory, tracking controlled drugs, and communicating regularly with your pharmacy.
QuickMAR simplifies and speeds up the process of passing medications. For large med passes, you may experience time savings of over 50%. The system improves the accuracy of your med passes with alarms, warnings, and improved communications.
We Buy Used Equipment
  • Shorter med passes
  • Faster med check-in at cycle fills
  • Alarms to keep you on schedule to administer the meds on time
  • Alarms to prevent missed meds
  • More accurate med administration
  • More accurate record keeping
  • More accurate tracking of controlled drugs
  • Easily generated med reports to meet state regulatory reporting requirements
  • Timely reordering of PRNs; never run out of medications again
  • More accurate receipt and check-in of medication deliveries
  • Faster documentation at Med return or destruction