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3 Types of Medical Equipment for Senior Safety

Lift Chair
Whether you are a senior or you care for an elderly loved one, you must recognize the importance of home safety. If you or a loved one has mobility issues or simply hopes to remain safe in the home, rely on your medical supply store for assistance. Take a closer look at products that may suit your needs. Here are a few types of medical equipment that may make life easier and safer at home.

1. A Bed Rail

Bed rails are not only for toddlers and children. Equipping an elderly person's bed with a guard rail can be a smart idea as well. The purpose of an adult bed rail is to provide safety and assistance. Not only will the rail prevent the individual from rolling off the bed, but it also provides assistance and support to get into and out of the bed safely.

When shopping for a bed rail at your medical supply store, consider purchasing two. Placing a bed rail on both sides of the bed is a good idea if the person sleeps alone.

Bed rails offer flexibility and customization options as well. You might find a bed rail that adjusts to the user's preferred height. In addition, several add-ons or accessories are also available. For instance, you might consider a sheepskin rail pad that provides extra comfort and softness. Or perhaps a bed rail cover with a storage pouch or cup holder would be helpful.

Are you concerned about bed safety when traveling and using a hotel or guest bed? Consider a portable travel bed rail that is compact and lightweight and will fit in most standard-size suitcases. A travel bed rail will easily fold up and is simple to install and remove.

Whichever type of bed rail you choose, be sure to use any type of bed rail with caution and inspect it for damage before use.

2. A Bathtub Transfer Bench or Chair

For the senior who has difficulty getting in and out of the tub or shower or one who has poor balance, a transfer bench or shower chair is a must. The shower chair or transfer bench provides a way to remain independent and safe while bathing.

You'll find shower benches and chairs that are fully adjustable, as well as those with padded seats. Look for a bench or chair with a backrest for added support. Arm rails are another good feature to have. Some transfer benches and shower chairs require minimal assembly.

As another consideration, you might want to consider purchasing optional leg-extension kits. For the tall individual or those with longer legs, this extension can be a convenient accessory. Yet another option is a chair or bench with a swivel seat, which is a good space-saving feature. Armrests that pivot and lock into the desired position or height are also convenient.

Before choosing a bathtub transfer bench or chair, consider a few important aspects. Measure the dimensions of the tub to be sure the bench is a good fit. Also, be sure the chair or bench seat has drainage holes, as this will make cleaning the chair easier.

3. A Lift Chair

A lift chair resembles an ordinary reclining chair, with one distinguishing feature. In addition to adjusting to an upright or reclining position, the lift chair will lift or tilt upwards with the touch of a button or lever. The lifting feature is intended to assist the individual safely as he or she attempts to exit the chair.

You'll find lift chairs offer many features and options. Massage, heat, and various position settings are often incorporated. Lift chairs are also available in various color options to complement most household decor. You might want to check the weight capacity if this is a concern.

Visit your medical supply store for more information and to see the full range of products that may be beneficial for seniors.